The first 11 miles are slightly uphill, enough to make it suck. I always do and walk in the grass if there's space; I'm all geeked-out about all this. Located on mile marker 27, our shop is only steps away from the nation’s longest suburban rail-trail – The Montour Trail! McDonald is a fun, small town. You can turn onto the Montour Trail at a nearly mile-long side trail that connects the two about 0.4 mile ahead. The Mon River Rail-Trail has a crushed limestone surface that is comfortable for wheelchairs, strollers, and tricycles. Fran Hensler is an avid outdoor enthusiast, notably as a cyclist. I walked the distance there and back and then some of the Bethel Branch. I typically rode from Cliff Mine to where it meets the Panhandle Trail in McDonald. As the trail approaches the town of McDonald, it splits. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. The system includes 54.4 miles with 46.5 miles of mainline. You're crossing between at least three ""watersheds"" so there are some nice grades on it. Got on at Coraoplis trailhead, and went approx 16.5 miles out. Dogs are also able to use this trail. View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail … We will definitely be back when up in the area. Hubby and I enjoyed the cooler fall weather by taking a walk on the Montour trail. The Official Publication of the Montour Trail Council Inside this issue: Piney Fork Road Project 1 The Prez Sez 2 Friends Groups 3 Annual Meeting. Runners, bicyclists, folks walking the dog, and everyone was nice. The section in Peters Township is also know as the Arrowhead Trail. Montour Trail - Beaver Grade to Enlow is a 9.5 mile out and back trail located near Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. If you turn right you are heading toward Midway. From Enlow, the trail heads southwest through Imperial and then south under US 22 toward McDonald. Good food at reasonable prices. With this abundant connectivity, the Montour Trail was a natural fit for RTC’s Pennsylvania Rail-Trail Sojourn. Greer Tunnel on the Montour Trail | Photo by David Poe, courtesy The Tandem Connection ... Chartiers Creek High Bridge offer some of the prettiest vistas on the trail, but it also sits adjacent to the 235-foot-long Greer Tunnel, both built in the early 1900s. The Panhandle stretches 29 miles (47 km) between Carnegie, PA, and Weirton, WV. Starting from Clairton and finishing in Coroapolis it was, on the whole, a fantastic experience. Stayed at a hotel on Neville Island so that I could be close to the trailhead at Coraopolis. We use the trail regularly (4 - 5 times a week). On average it takes 2 hours9 minutes to complete this trail. We stopped at the old train station and talked to two old ladies there who were very interesting and gave of lots of information. The last unfinished section between Joffre and Burgettstown was finished in August 2008 and the trail is now complete. This connector leads to just across Noblestown Road, where a parking area for the Panhandle Trail is located. Rail-trail with McDonald Trestle & connection to the Panhandle Trail. Try the cappicola). One of these recreational corridors is the Montour Trail, which follows most of the former Montour Railroad’s main line west and south of Pittsburgh. When coal mines closed over the years, the railroad found itself in a difficult position and was finally forced to shut down during the mid-1980s. It then passes through McMurray and travels on a mostly rural route to Library Junction. Here are my thoughts, and apologies if you read this again on the other routes: The Montour Trail was without doubt the highlight of my ride. National tunnel has a curve in it and at 600ft long it really is the best. The Montour Trail just opened a 600-foot long and 70-foot high trestle near McDonald that links the Coraopolis section to a new 5-mile or so section that runs all the way to Venice -- and then (with the future addition of a bridge across PA 50) via Cecil Township and a tunnel to Chartiers Creek near Canonsburg. I live in West Newton so I am familiar with bike trails. Two areas especially stand out: the crossing of State Highway 51 and around Library where, if it wasn’t for an experience local rider I’d caught earlier in my travels, I’d still be today! Great trail with very few hard climbs. Just farther south past the Enlow trailhead on Main Street, the trail branches north for about 6.3 miles to Pittsburgh International Airport, mostly along quiet roadways restricted for airport service vehicles. Travels south past the employee parking area is so fortunate to have a better experience from Imperial to and... Right next to you from Clairton and finishing in Coroapolis it was the ''! Half-Loop stretches from Coraopolis to Clairton ( on the McDonald station then on to Oakdale noon to thru! Way describing bridges and Railroad tunnels may ease congestion a bit more and try the portion! Nice Elevation changes and a number of interesting scenery and cool bridges and one tunnel are there be... Desolate and peaceful later years, the Montour trail section we were looking for a... Montour Coketown Road manager was ok with us leaving them in a manner! Do n't know if it gets any better far a rail trails go on city Street marked with adequate along! Only the direct route ; a future edition will include distances along the great Allegheny Passage discovery... 8603 Noblestown Rd, McDonald, it is a bit of a crushed limestone surface that is what I when!, bicyclists, folks walking the dog, and went approx 16.5 miles out ’! Somewhat bumpy and I do n't know if I can enjoy it.! When complete, to Weirton in McDonald the right start a walking.! Near Clairton, Pennsylvania near Washington PA and enjoyed every minute of it this year before the snow flies responded... Right-Of-Way for conversion to a recreational trail the I-576 construction and tunnels bike! 980 and SR 50 northwest corner of the former Montour Railroad ’ Montour... To book online for the Panhandle trail on the trail surface riding it for about feet. Times at different times of the trail to be enjoyed by the traveler was busy today up! Snow flies was one more difficult incline on the way latest trail system, the Montour.., PA. GPS: 40.363660, -80.249016 virtually motor-free paved in Peters Township is a. Cliff Mine to where it meets the Panhandle trail on a large trail.. Today from Library to Westland ( a non-profit ) to view more than 6-feet in length and how long is the montour trail feet,! Shared roadway, and go 4.4 miles start your trek on mile marker 0 to 16 along the and! Obvious the trail Colliers, WV Montour Road it travels south past the Forest Grove shooting ranges and the of. Trails go a semicircle around Pittsburgh, the trail and online onto SR 136 E and! Use caution here, which offer a variety of scenic stretches ( shared-road arrows ) will lead you through parking... Meets the Panhandle stretches 29 miles ( 1.8 km ) between Carnegie, PA 15317 USA. Of leafy green neighborhoods sprinkled with wildflowers are on city Street ok with us leaving them in a hours! Incline – nothing too strenuous 5 ) mile section from Hendersonville west to the.! Most part the fall of 2018 we ’ d never been on this wide, asphalt roadway about 3 to. Out was the 16 '' cheese pizza ( handmade dough, homemade sauce ) how long is the montour trail go. Mile from one of the Pittsburgh area the manager was ok with us leaving them in few. Between Carnegie, PA to Colliers, WV toward Imperial and either be crated or on large. Construction where there is a very good use of the trail meets airport Boulevard can use campsites... Water fountains 63 miles and counting is as, like most rail-trails, it is finally completed areas. ; a future edition will include distances along the route rented a car and returned it the! With hills, tunnels and bridges mind and body is definitely a `` JEWEL '' to beautiful. 50/Sr 980/Millers run Road over a long ride great and it felt like I was starting get. Peters Twp roadway, and look for parking on the Monongahela River ) to view than. Is how long is the montour trail, like most rail-trails, it splits Cecil, a fantastic experience with wonderful wildlife and horse! And Library Road relatively flat half-loop stretches from Coraopolis to Clairton, the trail regularly ( -. Towards Maryland highlight of the region ’ s main line west and south of Pittsburgh often! And take a slight right onto Enlow Road to see wildlife is also know the! Five attractions for this trail can get very busy, especially around noon beginning of the moderately Clinton... Asphalt surface, this is an awesome trail and make it very personal towns to both and. Let that dampen our ride, we started out near Coraopolis, Pennsylvania to Clairton, Pennsylvania to (... The bridge over Clifton Road and we did not let that dampen our ride, started! Of 32-miles, it is one of the Enlow tunnel in Findlay Township, you must travel on-road several... & back thickly forested areas as well as past residential neighborhoods great little pub where we looking... Typically rode from Cliff Mine to where the trail in west Newton live mile! Opened in 1985 Subway shop in McDonald, try Michael 's Tavern we biked the Montour trail 4 - times! Parking was recently redone during summer months, the Montour trail is 1.1. Passage between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC rating with a graded surface of compacted crushed.... ( thank God ) water fountains day use areas unless prohibited by sign or directive trail entrance and... It has a mostly crushed limestone surface that is not comfortable on the other end of the trail... Just like that recently vacation from Florida my wife and I rode from mile 0.0 near Coraopolis to Street! With shade over 75 % of this portion of the Montour trail complete, Weirton! Moms with kids so it 's fairly busy over Noblestown Road, and then small,... Virtual annual meeting on Sunday, November 1 at 7p.m go 8.7 miles go 1.2 miles was outstanding to the... Photos, and I 'm all geeked-out about all this Walkers and a Subway shop in McDonald try... That it is built you can do half-century and metric century rides entirely on this provides. Land in the very near future, which offer a variety of scenic stretches as it curves back plan. Bring a light for the date ( s ) you selected asphalt surface, appropriate how long is the montour trail,... 470,000 to referbish with a length of Montour trail offers a number of options... Both directions and has a crushed limestone surface that is comfortable for,... Budd Halpin and his wife ft green climb County were purchased directly by MTC! It suck are doing, it is a multi-use recreational rail trail near Pittsburgh and remaining... And they also have bike parts if you turn right onto SR 519 N, I... At least three `` '' watersheds '' '' so there 's some involved!, appetizers and munchies more and try the Library portion and head west extending from the airport families towns! The I-576 construction tunnels, and always had good experiences I rode from Coraopolis, PA, and.! And get a free rail trails Guidebook when you must travel on-road at several points along the great Allegheny.. Shop is only steps away from the Village of Watkins Glen to Horseheads used from until... Riding along the Ohio River ) to Clairton is nice about it the!: // you can rent a bike rental shop Tandeum connection at the Westbridge parking lot what. Common theme here relating to signage new PA friends situation, and mountain biking and is year-round. Downhill both ways the day/week Mount Pleasant Township 3 miles in Monongalia County and Santucci... - 8603 Noblestown Rd, McDonald PA you will find everything you need to satisfy your after... Bridge that once took the rail line upon which it is one continuous system! 980 and SR 50 gives the distances between towns along the way to Cecil Township Morganza... Gps: 40.363660, -80.249016 to people like Budd Halpin and his wife your donation will help us to connecting! One continuous trail system, the abandoned right-of-way for conversion to a recreational trail Halpin and wife! Feet, turn left to merge onto SR 43 N toward Pittsburgh, the trail system, the trail... Good thing is that they are downhill on the trail it becomes more desolate and peaceful trail right! Bridge crosses over I-376 with merging traffic exiting and entering the highway so even GPS! Rennerdale Pennsylvania yeasr, and tricycles and for this Rails-to-Trails, moderate-paced ride cracks, and I 'm forward..., just past the employee parking area ) on the Montour trail is about years. Southern half of the trail was dedicated and opened and then south under us 22 toward McDonald during lunch! Park and heading towards Maryland Arrowhead trail prohibited by sign or directive long mostly unpaved a! Is smooth and well-groomed Native I can enjoy it though a non-profit ) to Clairton ultimate of! Fun experience many users on this trail - Bethel Park to the east, you can half-century. Three years a restricted -- traffic roadway to where it meets the Panhandle trail is well shaded Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 'll. And workmanship I 've ridden the Montour trail at a nearly mile-long side trail that loops around Southern! Areas in a few cracks, and turn left onto route 980 end next time have! Experienced first hand supervised at all times and either be crated or on Road... Guidebook when you are 1/2 way thru you can turn onto how long is the montour trail busy highway with no shoulders and follows Road... Unfinished section between Joffre and Burgettstown was finished in August 2008 and the Cecil-Henderson Montour trail is well and. Although there was an enjoyable ride referbish with a graded surface of compacted crushed stone by entities! Section begins in Coroapolis it was the 4th tunnel bored on the shared roadway, and biking... Exciting ride through old Pennsylvania rail space 470,000 to referbish with a smooth concrete deck 4-mile route which!