It has a central servlet called as DispatcherServlet which is well known as front controller that intercepts all the requests, identify the appropriate handler i.e. As far as I know, Spring MVC is based on Servlet API and implements a Front Controller as Dispatcher Servlet. This URL might be an absolute path or a path relative to the current request. It is related to and used in the design of web applications. Servlet is mainly used as a Controller in web applications created using the MVC design pattern. As displayed in the figure, all the incoming request is intercepted by the DispatcherServlet that works as the front controller. Class Diagram. Q #6) Explain the front controller class of Spring MVC. When a web request is sent to a Spring MVC application, a controller first receives the request. Front Controller is a initial level of contract point for handling a request. There are several strategies for implementing a controller. It is responsible to manage the flow of the spring mvc application. controllers and render views to the client. The user can tell my front controller servlet what the name of the XML file is as an init parameter in web.xml. It is responsible to manage the flow of the Spring MVC application. This handler can do the authentication/ authorization/ logging or tracking of request and then pass the requests to corresponding handlers. Typically, the Front Controller coordinates user navigation, using the Dispatcher subpattern for this purpose. This pattern is divided into a number of sections for simplicity like problem, forces, structure, solution, implementation etc. For information on creating a servlet as a Front Controller using the Forte for Java IDE, see Using the Servlet as a Front Controller. Assume that the servlet variable request is assigned A Spring MVC controller—often referred to as a Dispatcher Servlet implements front controller design pattern and every web request must go through it so that it can manage the entire request life cycle. Is there any way to avoid long switch statements or if block when using a controller servlet to handle all requests. As you can see, the DispatcherServlet plays the role of the Front Controller in the architecture. In this XML file, we are specifying the servlet class DispatcherServlet that acts as the front controller in Spring Web MVC. Welcome! The controller manages the aspects of request handling that are related to business processing and control flow. This is the servlet in a Spring MVC application defined in web.xml using element. It is integrated with rest of the beans and Spring container through the configuration xml named as -servlet.xml. In Spring Web MVC, DispatcherServlet class works as the front controller. Spring DispatcherServlet acts as front controller for web applications. In modern web applications, the data exchange between front-end and back-end is usually done dynamically through javascript. Spring MVC(Model-View-Controller) provides a convenient way to develop a java based web application. We register the servlet and provide the location of the web-config.xml xml configuration file using the init-param. Though semantically equivalent, it is preferred to the JSP Front Strategy. Spring Controller annotation is typically used in combination with annotated handler methods based … Spring’s MVC module is based on front controller design pattern followed by MVC design pattern. The DispatcherServlet acts like a front-controller and is used to dispatch the requests to the appropriate controller methods. The framework uses the Front Controller pattern for centralized request processing and uses this Java Servlet component for processing the input requests. In Spring MVC, dispatcher servlet acts as a front controller and handles the entire incoming requests. As shown in FIGURE 3-2, the Front Controller processes a request. When a request is made to Spring’s dispatcher servlet, it hands over the request to handler mapping. It supports common HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. The Front Controller Design Pattern is one of the J2EE software design patterns.