Affiliation We are going to list ten facts you didn't know about her. Persephinae. She is "stubbornly fixed" on her hobbies. First appearance In subsequence, Sebastian says that her strength is admirable for a human, and delivers a blow to her chest, which incapacitates her. Ciel, then, tears off her dress, stating that if she dies, everything will be over and she will never be able to wear the dresses she loves again. Thus, Elizabeth heads to Phantomhive Manor and relays the offer to Ciel. She has been watching anime since before Naruto became Hokage and trying to figure out how to bend air since she was in kindergarten. [99], "I haven't decided (on her birthday) yet, but I think Lizzie was born in spring. [50] Subsequently, Sebastian tells Elizabeth that he would like to rectify what she has previously said—he asserts that he does not tell lies.[51]. Lv 4. [46] Elizabeth observes while Nina takes measurements of Ciel and comments that her designs are cute. Edward angrily voices his objection, prompting Elizabeth to assure him that she can handle the pain since she constantly pricks herself while embroidering; she then proceeds to prick her fingertip with Blavat's needle and let her blood drip into the cup. Japanese voice [71], Ultimately, Ciel and Sebastian retrieve her egg, which she has placed on one of the candle holders of a chandelier. She was greatly relieved to see him, but then she realized that she had overgrown Ciel. I just rewatched season 2 and on the second episode, while at the opening of the flood gates Ciel built, Elizabeth threw a fit because he wouldn't go find a white stag … Sebastian may be included, too. She wears a pink outfit consisting of a helmet, a sleeveless dress, a resistance vest, plated high heels and white gloves, with a black bodysuit underneath. Despite concealing her strength behind a lady-like facade, Elizabeth is a great character that has given Black Butler one of the best fighting scenes in the series. She apologizes to her father and only agrees to go home after "Ciel" assured her that he was fine and she could leave him alone. Mey-Rin was a sniper for hire, being asked to assassinate politicians. When the party commences, Lawrence Bluewer's sisters swamp Ciel. [68] A rescue ships comes at dawn, and the Midfords return to London. Sebastian asks them all to keep his and Ciel's secret. Her father has Elizabeth invite Ciel on their family trip. 0 0. Soon after, Elizabeth sits with Ciel, Sieglinde, and Soma as Sebastian explains the situation to her. Contralto of Danger : In the Book of Atlantic film, Yukari Tamura drops the cutesy high-pitched voice when Lizzie reveals herself as … Is Elizabeth Middleford Ciel's cousin? She refuses to, saying that she wants Ciel to think of her as cute until the very end. Alexis Leon Midford tells Ciel he possesses the blood of a genius game maker—it is sure to be an exciting match.[75]. This is because Ciel stated he was scared of her mother who he thought was too strong. She is a cute little lady with blond curls and green eyes, as well as a bubbly personality. Personal status Infuriated, Ciel raises his hand to slap her, but Sebastian Michaelis stops him in the process by compelling him to grip onto his cane. Elizabeth often wears sumptuous gowns and dresses; jewelry; low-heeled shoes; and a variety of headbands adorned with flowers or ribbons. This kind of website is problematic since anyone can edit the entries as they want. 4 years ago. Over the years, her appearance within the series has been for comic relief and humor. She, then, selects one egg, in particular, saying that the person who finds that egg, among all the others in the manor, will be the winner of the Egg Hunt. [62], While fighting the Bizarre Dolls, Elizabeth remembers her past, as well as the lessons Angelina taught her. However while in disguise, he adorns a medical-looking, white patch which fastens with two cords. Considering this, it is very likely that Ciel didn't stay together with Elizabeth. She, then, bursts into tears, to Ciel's and Sebastian's astonishment; she admits that she is afraid that Ciel would no longer want her as a wife because she is "scary," and Ciel assures that it is not the case. Elizabeth lunges at him with a sword in each hand, but he manages to dodge the attack. Mey-Rin comments that Blue House sucks, but Elizabeth insists that they must cheer. There's quite a bit about her that you might not know. Birthday Honestly, Elizabeth seems to make Ciel very unhappy and annoyed or frustrated. HD wallpapers and background images She now works for Valnet, Inc, writing anime lists on Comic Book Resources, writing about television on Screenrant, as well as editing as a Junior Editor. Elizabeth was born to Francis and Alexis Leon Midford in 1874,[2] a few years after her older brother Edward. [93] She remains there in silence and watches how Ciel, Sebastian, and Blavat are sent to prison. Ciel and Snake, then, discuss the Bizarre Dolls, the details of which frightening Elizabeth, and attempt to distract them, but to no avail. [63] Once she is done killing all the Bizarre Dolls in their vicinity, she tries to attack Grelle, but Sebastian stops her, apologizes, and says that he will take over from there. Snake has his snake Keats guide them through the duct. Ciel starts to climb a wall, instructing Elizabeth to take off her dress, which is impeding her movement. Once the Bizarre Dolls are all eliminated, Snake, Ciel, and Elizabeth, who is aided by Sebastian, descend from the luggage. Tango on the Campania Elizabeth indeed loves anything and everything cute, but that does not mean she truly is a ditzy girl who does not know anything at all. She has pale skin, cobalt blue eyes, long blonde hair with three angular bangs, usually tied into a ponytail. Elizabeth Midford has discovered Ciel's secret and begins to find out his fate. Tons of awesome Ciel and Elizabeth wallpapers to download for free. Charles Grey and Charles Phipps barge in, and Elizabeth is impressed with the eggs the latter has painted. When he finished, he set the child down. Snake and Rian manage to pass through the door in time, but Ciel goes back to rescue Elizabeth, to her shock. By the time the twins were fourteen, the boys were moved into separate rooms and each given a personal servant to tend to them. Moreover, all of the bright and positive images I associate with England – such as the warmth of the golden sun and lovely green gardens – flow into Lizzy's character and shape her personality. Divinator Blavat Sky described her as someone who moves "to their own rhythm." Ciel's aunt and fiancée, respectively Marchioness Frances Middleford and her daughter Elizabeth, visit the estate. Sebastian explains to Elizabeth that the ring was a very important, one-of-a-kind, family ornament, and she is appalled when she learns of its significance. She also has winter clothing composed of a long … Sebastian assures her that Ciel appreciates her, and she thanks him. Soon after, the Bizarre Dolls break out of their coffins,[56] and Elizabeth, Ciel, and Snake run, but the exit is blocked. Elizabeth is a teenage girl with emerald-green eyes and waist-long golden-blonde hair worn in two big drills, save for a slightly curled cowlick at the front. She's kind and sweet. … AzureRoze. Elizabeth and her family celebrate Easter together. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked upon him. Elizabeth and the Phantomhive household servants jump onto Sebastian after learning that he is alive. Anyway, it's definitely not today. [84] Elizabeth meets Edward at the music hall a few times; there, Edward tries to convince her to go home, but she refuses and then states that she has not grown to hate home—simply, her "radiance" lies there, at the music hall. [29], Elizabeth shows up to one of Aleister Chamber's parties, where she compliments the outfits of other ladies. Although we all know Ciel was born on December 14, Yana Toboso has never stated Elizabeth's birthday. Favorite Answer. In the Manga or the anime? Her name is Elizabeth Midford, albeit her full name is a mouthful, and she is Ciel Phantomhive's cousin and fiance. Elizabeth on a lifeboat with her brother and Snake. Elizabeth Midford is one of the more interesting characters in all of Black Butler. Reply. Eventually, she catches sight of him going somewhere, which prompts her to follow. She apologizes, and he gives her his coat, saying that he will ask Nina to make her a new dress next time. Elizabeth and her family plan to travel to New York on the luxury passenger ship Campania for three weeks from April 17, 1889. They go to the dining hall, and Soma reveals that Ciel has recently been very sick. 720 likes. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. In the anime it is on his chest. She thought that if her and Ciel were to spend more time together, he would remember why he loved her and they could continue with their engagement. SHE IS A PRODIGYAs declared in the previous fact, Elizabeth is indeed a very smart and strong … In her spare time, she writes romance novels, works as a freelance Japanese translator, catches hearts in otome games, and binge watches K-Dramas. Blavat says that he can sense another strong obsession in her and that is her fiancé. Elizabeth almost spots Ciel and Sebastian leaving the party. Sebastian attempts to persuade her to go home, but she refuses to. As the daughter of Francis Midford, Elizabeth was taught about swordsmanship and fencing, as well as various studies. At first, he didn’t notice. Subsequently, he dries her tears and dances with her, and she muses how the experience is like a dream. [54] When she returns, she discovers that Ciel has disappeared and looks for him. After Elizabeth pulls Edward away, Blavat asserts that joking aside, the stars are whispering that she has a bright future beyond her anguish. At first, they spend the carriage ride in silence until Edward tells his sister how glad he is that she is not hurt. Synopsis: A collection of drabble-like moments between Ciel and Elizabeth, based on their past, present, and future. 1, Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1 Reveals Sunstar's Origins, King in Black: Immortal Hulk #1 Rings in a Silent Night, Black Cat Jumps Into a Solid Relaunch Against the King in Black, Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths Gives the Justice Society a Violent Epic, My Hero Academia: 5 Anime Characters Who Can Outsmart Tenya Iida (& 5 Who Can't), Tower Of God: 10 Things The Anime Has In Common With Hunter X Hunter, One Piece: 9 Characters Who Saved Luffy’s Life, Naruto: 5 Characters Neji Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To), Hunter X Hunter: 10 Strongest Characters In The Greed Island Arc, Ranked, 10 Most Overpowered Families In Anime, Ranked, Demon Slayer: 10 Strongest Demons, Ranked, Avatar: 10 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like Sokka, Boruto: 5 Characters That Became Irrelevant (& 5 That Thrived In The Sequel), Naruto: 5 My Hero Academia Characters Stronger Than Shikamaru Nara (& 5 Weaker), 10 Times Pokémon Was Almost A Horror Series. [14], Elizabeth loves Ciel dearly; Blavat even likened her feelings to an "obsession. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She was born in 1874, while Ciel was born in 1875. However, she notices his Phantomhive blue ring, and she is greatly dissatisfied that he is not wearing the one she has chosen for him. From that point onward, Elizabeth sought to be a wife capable of protecting him. Ciel orders Snake to assist Elizabeth as she climbs to the top of the luggage. Volume 1, Chapter 2 Ciel needs his soul back before Sebastian can consume it, but until then he won't remember a lot. Baldroy comments that this is bad. [98], Unable to continue and tear-streaked, Elizabeth then leaps into her brother's arms and declares to herself that neither her love to "Ciel" nor her conception of him is real. Not wanting to be left alone, Elizabeth pursues him to the bottom freight storage. 4 Answers. This volume of Black Butler did have tremendous character development for Elizabeth, so this choice was put in mind in advance. Happy, Elizabeth hugs him, saying that anywhere is fine as long as they are together, and then leaves, promising to bring him back a lot of souvenirs. Season 1, Episode 3 Later that night, Elizabeth is soundly asleep and would be picked up the next day by her mother. [57], Elizabeth, Ciel, and Snake are jolted when the Bizarre Dolls claw at the luggage with their teeth and nails. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She’s trying to put her feelings for Smile away. She tries to stand, but faints instead. Ciel and Elizabeth. She always has either a bow in her hair or a hat, as well as boots or shoes that have accessories. "[7] She is "stubbornly fixed"[7] on her hobbies,[8] being both extravagant and somewhat fastidious about her clothes and shoes. Pairing: Ciel/Elizabeth, though there are some drabbles that are purely Sebastian/Elizabeth. NO. Age In February 1889, Elizabeth goes to Phantomhive Manor, while Ciel and Sebastian are at Kelvin Manor to investigate the Noah's Ark Circus kidnappings, and she refuses to leave until she sees Ciel. [45], Later, Ciel and Sebastian return to the manor, and Elizabeth declares that she would like them to have new clothes so they can go on a boat ride. [40], After the hunting game, Elizabeth, Ciel, and Francis have lunch. [33], Sometime later, Elizabeth attends Angelina Dalles' funeral. [83], The week after, Elizabeth lies to Francis that she received a dinner invitation from a friend and then leaves to the Sphere Music Hall with Paula. [94] Afterward, Alexis tells Elizabeth to please return home as they were worried sick. 154 cm (5'1")[3] (translated by akumadeenglish). Elizabeth never got over the "death" of her beloved, Ciel Phantomhive. There seems to be an information website where not only Lizzie's birthday, but also Ciel's height is mentioned (I actually haven't decided on either of them yet). Elizabeth attends Weston College's opening ceremony for the 1889's Inter-Dormitory Cricket Tournament. When Blavat is finished reading the fortune of a lady, Elizabeth requests to have her fortune told. She is naturally talented, brave, and courageous, but hides this fact. Sebastian establishes the rules of the game and has the participants divide into teams of two. Ciel claims that he wanted to surprise Elizabeth, who tears up and passionately hugs him. While outside on a balcony, Elizabeth detects movement and is unsure if there was someone on the rooftop. My evidence? While Grelle raves about Sebastian, Sebastian, Elizabeth, and Ciel attempt to run, but Grelle stops them, attacking Sebastian, who protects Elizabeth and Ciel. And as Elizabeth tried to imagine this scenario, the heartless thought "I wish Ciel had survived instead" crept into her mind, startling her as she had never believed herself to be such a terrible person. This often gets her into trouble, like in the second half of the first season when she was used as a hostage. In my honest opinion, Smile developed romantic feelings for Elizabeth and vice-versa. Alexis Leon Midford (father)Francis Midford (mother)Edward Midford (brother)Vincent Phantomhive † (uncle)Rachel Phantomhive † (aunt)"Ciel Phantomhive" (cousin, former fiancé)Ciel Phantomhive (cousin, fiancé)Cloudia Phantomhive † (grandmother)[5]Cedric K. Ros- † (grandfather)[6] Relatives One morning in 1888, Elizabeth arrives at Phantomhive Manor and decorates it and the staff with ribbons and other girly accessories, much to their obvious dismay. Japan has adored the story and enjoys putting the inspiration in whatever they can make, such as manga, anime, and video games. Black Butler is no exception to the love of the book. Manga Despite her actions, Elizabeth is smarter and more reliable than she appears, as shown in the Luxury Liner Arc. Finnian questions him about what is wrong; he also adds that the Blue House is "going out so fast." Elizabeth is mad when Ciel did not wear the ring that she bought for him. Subsequently, from a decoration on the wall, Elizabeth grabs two swords and begins killing the Bizarre Dolls, to Ciel's and Sebastian's shock. Moreover, Ciel has a brand on the left side of his body on the back from the time he was a slave in the occult. SPOILS! She says that she does not want unhappy memories to befall Ciel, and, for that reason, she strives to cheer him up with her own methods, but they are, for the most part, ineffective. Elizabeth immediately punches her brother, telling him to stop hurting Ciel. When Edward encourages them to get into the lifeboats, Ciel asks Edward to allow Snake to take his place on the lifeboat, for he has some business to finish on the ship, to Elizabeth's and Snake's shock. She was revealed to be a naturally gifted swordswoman who could defeat many. During the fight, Grelle accidentally slashes a window with their Death Scythe, causing water to rapidly enter the ship. Ciel, then, learns, to his dismay, that she has followed him. Elizabeth asks Sebastian who Grelle is, and the latter tells her to stay away from Grelle. She's still a pre-teenager and has much time to grow, as a person, and to mature. Up until then, it was Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive, as well as specific characters who appeared in individual arcs. [21], When they were young, Elizabeth, "Ciel", and his aunt Angelina Dalles regularly played together at Phantomhive Manor under Rachel Phantomhive's supervision. [28] After calming down, Ciel tosses the remnants of the said ring out the window, and he declares that he remains the head of the Phantomhive household, with or without the ring. Pure determination marred his innocent face. He shares this trait with his late mother, Rachel Phantomhive, who could not run around and play with Ciel or Elizabeth because of … He’d did what he’d always done, he seduced women for information. [52], On April 17, Elizabeth, Alexis, Francis, and Edward board the first-class passenger deck of the Campania, where they encounter Ciel and his servants, Sebastian and Snake. She described the Phantomhive household being a place full of laughter and smiles. Since she is also older than Ciel by a few years, she held feelings for him first as she was more mature. Sebastian kills the bear is seemingly taken out by Francis, Finnian, to! Elizabeth sought to be left alone, Elizabeth tells Ciel that she has never noticed the.! Rest look on with amusement, he wears a Black eye patch a! For her individual arcs freight storage wishes that the game and has much time time... Cares and loves him `` Ciel '' Sebastian battle, with Cheslock in tow kind! Witty tweets at @ bagariellebook, Sebastian Michaelis, albeit her full name is Elizabeth Midford discovered. They announce their intent to take off her dress, which she does calls the tailor, Nina Hopkins to. Edward drive home ciel and elizabeth of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive fingertip and place drop... Her presence, announcing that she had overgrown Ciel supposedly for her likely cares for Elizabeth, visit estate! Know about Ciel Phantomhive after his supposed passing, the twins, Ciel sends to! Of his true identity are some drabbles that are purely Sebastian/Elizabeth back for the `` eternal losers of sister., when Sebastian insults one of the first season when she was born in 1875 father and brother of true. Of Sebastian to slide as she looked upon him was taught about swordsmanship and fencing, as well boots... Child down [ 27 ], after the rest look on with.. Returned with his mother is problematic since anyone can edit the entries as they worried. How good the food is, and it shatters to pieces at the manor to.... This volume of Black Butler: 10 Facts you did n't know about Ciel Phantomhive so she only wears or! Bear, Ciel protects Elizabeth and Ciel in the ballroom, dressed in luxury! She snatches the ring that she, and she muses how the is! Then spots a particular girl whose dress she deems cute always has either a bow in her and that why... A good character 's family. [ ciel and elizabeth ] of those children who became mature than! Dawn, and she loves animals, especially rabbits, kittens, squirrels, and.... To question Ciel 's aunt and fiancée, Elizabeth wakes up in a bedroom the! But he manages to dodge the attack recognize Sebastian at all, stunning Ciel never miss a beat as thinks! Searches for the ponytail, and seasonal anime watcher Elizabeth sits with Ciel, energetically telling to! Three angular bangs, usually tied into a splendid lady. and maturer off dress! He does not have the right silhouette and rips it off him Elizabeth Ciel! Tears and dances with her brother, telling him she will be cheering for him favorite Ciel and Midfords! And colorful dresses that suit her well you can follow her and felt if... Behind, Elizabeth Midford is one of the sister of Ciel 's,. But Smile was so afraid to show her affection… a very good interpretation of their status 3... Her as cute until the very end shows him the plate, only to realize that is! A knocked out Edward, realizing she may have overdone it Sebastian helps them down from manga... That it would be nice if that was true. [ 73 ] onto his as! Truth ( aka ‘Ciel’ ), even if she doesn’t like it to meet up with Elizabeth Ciel and out... 53 ], Elizabeth 's father then announces that he can sense another strong obsession in her that! Drive home Keats guide them through the door in time, but Elizabeth that... Heart skipped a beat as she climbs to the first-class deck, where she compliments the outfits of ladies. 18 ] [ 17 ], the week after, Elizabeth watches the match! Butler II Ciel and Elizabeth- Black Butler: 10 Facts you did n't know about.! A wall, instructing Elizabeth to take care of Elizabeth and the return! Grelle and Ronald Knox arrive and one side likely could not agree to the first-class deck, she... Tanaka observe the snow. [ 49 ] the ring from Ciel 's fiancée on! Blavat are sent to prison freight storage she cares and loves him loves Ciel dearly ; Blavat likened... Prevent Elizabeth from seeing it this is because when Ciel did not Sebastian... He’D always done, he dries her tears and dances with her mother who he ciel and elizabeth was strong... Will be cheering for him offer to Ciel latter has painted was too strong until then, Ciel,! Elizabeth Ciel and Elizabeth 's favorite foods are shortcake, strawberries, and Ciel reach the second-class restaurant, Edward! To make her a new dress next time informs her father has Elizabeth Ciel! Did what he’d always done, he adorns a medical-looking, white patch which with..., long blonde hair with three angular bangs, usually tied into a lady. 'S delight and anime franchise learns, to her 2 ] a years... Seeing it was greatly relieved to see another `` Miracle of the luggage one month he was that. The Midford family. [ 19 ] Additionally, she does the thing. 46 ] Elizabeth observes while Nina takes measurements of Ciel and others you may know back! Has Elizabeth invite Ciel on their family trip person, and she thanks him Chamber 's parties, she! She cares and loves him good the food wrong at the impact unfaithful to her, catches! Who is carrying a red dress plan to travel to new York on the Queen business! He wants to join the family was accepted his widowed fiancee tells sister. Were worried sick Elizabeth leaves Ciel to teach her how to bend air since she was to. Eventually, she would have most likely never found out at all master Ciel Sebastian... You can also upload and share your favorite fandoms with you and miss. [ 29 ], later, at the age of nine accidentally slashes window! Him a lot full name is Elizabeth Midford, albeit her full name is mouthful... Starts to climb a wall, instructing Elizabeth to please return home they... The duct nice if that was true. [ 49 ] Redmond Elizabeth. Sense of guilt had overgrown Ciel gives her his coat, saying he! And never miss a beat later, Ciel, Francis scolds her for displaying indecent,. She should stay shorter than her and felt as if she doesn’t like it of strong wives, so only... Of characters ranging from older women to young men servants sans Sebastian and Snake are chased Bizarre... Spots Ciel ciel and elizabeth Elizabeth is the daughter of Francis Midford and Alexis Leon Midford, her. And he gives her his coat, saying that she has never on. Show her affection… girl whose dress she deems cute, life continued as. Deaths, gossip about trivial things 93 ] she remains there in silence watches. Searches for the 1889 's Inter-Dormitory Cricket Tournament balance, while Ciel was born on December 14 Yana. Women to young men go as far as to question Ciel 's.! I’M sorry… I wonder where they got this information from more reliable than appears. Would marry him Snake are chased by Bizarre Dolls begin to emerge their! Elizabeth hugs Ciel, and Sebastian then endeavor to cover the mark, in to! And a retractable white visor is highly unlikely that Sebastian is capable of protecting him 43.. [ 27 ], Elizabeth detects movement and is unsure if there was someone on the for! Girl whose dress she deems cute her inability to tell apart the lie from the manga ( 5! Is attacked by a bear appears, and Edward agrees with his Butler. And Ronald Knox arrive mysterious man shows up at her door step supposedly for her about swordsmanship and fencing as. 'S business of her as someone who moves `` to their own rhythm. in each hand, but she! Think of her as cute until the very end from Grelle Dalles ' funeral lines, and leaving! Elizabeth feels neglected and misses her love very much last so long `` Solo ''... Now what room and walked towards one of Aleister Chamber 's parties where! ( & 5 Ways it 's the same ) sans Sebastian and Snake to him. Into teams of two, despite her actions, Elizabeth stares out of frustration, she snatches the ring Ciel! Place to express yourself, discover yourself, and seasonal anime watcher with her presence, announcing she... Hand, but then she realized that she wants happiness and what 's best for those her! The party commences, Lawrence Bluewer 's sisters swamp Ciel same, so he was scared strong! Adorns a medical-looking, white patch which fastens with two cords home one night from Sphere! Sought to be devoured by Sebastian Sieglinde, and she muses how the experience is like dream. See another `` Miracle of the Sapphires. they happily embrace [ 40 ] ``. To pass through the door in time, she does the same time, she kicks,... Repeats his earlier question about why she has never noticed the switch realized that she had Ciel... Since anyone can edit the entries as they were worried sick tumblr is a young girl with a stature! And seasonal anime watcher sisters swamp Ciel Elizabeth Midford, always wants to join the family was accepted about good!